One comment on “And the first rule is…

  1. You bring up a good point. However just because you love something doesnt necessary mean your actually associating love into your actions. I love kung fu and will bow to all my teachers. I respect knowledge and adore wisdom…humility is my drive in everything i do. As much as i can, to everyone i meet. But i am a firm believer in that unless there is honesty in your actions there should be no movement. I am like a ghost that roams outside my temple(body)and want there to be a reason for why i bow to someone other then its just a rule. Law doesnt truely promote love, just bonds it. Like let say keep it in check cuz there is always one who is willing to practice something honest for something nasty. (Not referring to you of course, i dont know you and refuse to judge you). For me truely loving something or someone is living in the no boundries love. Going outside the box. I do bow when i get home too, its funny cuz as im reading what you wrote i see why i do. Its cool you made me think about something routine like putting on socks in i guess a more beautiful way.

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